Why you should invest in Mobile Games? : Global Mobile Gaming Market

Why you should invest in Mobile Games? : Global Mobile Gaming Market

Today, Mobile gaming is a $68.5 billion global industry, and by the end of this year, the estimated worth of the gaming market would be $152 billion.

Today, everyone wants a cut of the pie.  In fact, as per the recent research and past years' data, the global gaming industry got $9.6 billion investments in last 18 months, and if the momentum continues at this current pace, 2018-19's amount of investment in the gaming industry will be higher than what it was in eight previous years.

Why investors are dying to jump into the Gaming industry?

The Gaming industry facts

Today, 33% of all app downloads are of mobile games and it is predicted to get more than 2.4 billion users in 2019, which is almost one-third part of the global population.

Today I believe, almost 40% of mobile app users play games and making this app category more popular as music.

As per the TechCrunch research: 36.3 is the average age of a mobile game user (It was 27.7 in 2014), which includes 51% female, 49% male, is the gender split. Research also says that one-third of all gamers age is between 36-50. These demographic and geographic data showcases the clear picture of the increasing attention towards mobile games and the same numbers are influencing investors to park their money into it.

In the past few years, top gaming trends like Pokemon GO and PubG have boosted mobile gaming popularity by 3x. Playing PubG is like the habit of youngsters today.

Tech Crunch -

"In the U.S., time spent on mobile devices has also officially outpaced that of television — with users spending eight more minutes per day on their mobile devices. By 2021, this number is predicted to increase to more than 30 minutes. Apps are the new prime time, and games have grabbed the lion's share."

How is the market responding to the rise of gaming?

Investment and Fundings:

First investment comers were already having stake in the industry, Tencent invested $90 million in Pocket Gems  and $126 million in Glu Mobile (for a 14.6% stake), another company Supercell invested $5 million in mobile game studio Redemption Games, ESPN invested $2M in  Boom Fantasy raised $2M the Gamelynx also raised $1.2 million funding from various investors. Most recent funding news is, Green Panda Games sold 70% of its stakes to Ubisoft to keep its foot in the growing gaming market.

Mobiles Games Revenue:

Beyond investments, mobile games are also generating significant amounts of money. Till today, Pokemon GO made $2.3 billion in revenue, and at the end of this year, only mobile games are expected to generate around $55 billion in revenue.

This number will help you to understand the increasing interest of investors in mobile games.

However, to develop the game, the fundamental requirement is the expertise to develop such fun games within the budget and within time. Thus, it is always advisable to spend some time in research before you hire a game developer. 

Government intervention

Governments are making their own investment moves in the gaming industry. Governments now support local gaming businesses by providing incentives for gaming studios to develop and retain their creatives, technology, and employees locally as well as globally.

Recently, France announced “Join the Game.” program with the aim to make France an international gaming market hub. France is already home of many successful gaming studios. Govt. is offering them tax breaks and plenty of funding options. They even published a separate page on their official website (“Getting settled in France”) with a full tutorial on how game developers prepare themselves for their arrival.


In 2023, the global gaming market is projected to be worth a quarter of trillion dollars, and with the growing investment, massive revenue and active user engagement, new players are being influenced globally to realize the true potential of the gaming ecosystem.

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