Top New Features of Swift 5 to keep in mind for iOS App Development

Top New Features of Swift 5 to keep in mind for iOS App Development

I have covered below points in this blog.

» Top 10 new and advanced features of Swift5
» Why every developer should know it

The latest version of the Swift programming language is live. Swift v5.0 comes with a number of new features and changes to make iOS development even simpler and better for app developers.

Let's have a look at its major changes and new features of Swift 5. I will also discuss why every iOS developer should know about this.

Everyone knows what is Swift and how it works but the latest version 5 is the new hero today. and It’s important for every iOS developer to realize that Swift is bigger than just building iOS applications. So, let’s come straight to the topic and checkout Swift5's latest features and changes.

New Features in Swift 5.0 Programming Language for Efficient iOS App Development

1. ABI Stability

2. Integer Multiples With “isMultiple(of:)”

3. The Result Type

4. Filter And Count With “count(where:)”

5. Flatten Nested Optionals With “try?”

6. The New “compactMapValues()” Function For Dictionaries

7. Standard Library Updates

8. Package Manager Updates

9. Additional Language and Compiler Updates

10. Migrating to Swift 5

Comment below if you want in-depath details about Swift 5.0 features and how it works. I will share that with you in person.

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