First 5 things you need to do with Galaxy Note 10 or 10+

First 5 things you need to do with Galaxy Note 10 or 10+

Are you also a Samsung's flagship device lover? I am too, Yes I love all the flagship devices of Samsung, especially Galaxy Note models.

Their recent launch Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ is not available in the market. I bought and figured out some best features which you should try when you start the phone for the first time.

Opening the box of brand new Samsung flagship phone is always exciting. However, that excitement can let you skip to check some essential features and steps while starting for the first time.

Today I got five first things you should do with your new Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ to get the best out.

  • Side key for the power button, camera and Bixby Configuration
  • Display Filter: Blue light filter and Night mode
  • Choose gestures or standard navigation buttons
  • Turn off features you don't like
  • Tweak the S Pen features

These five things you should do first with your Galaxy Note 10 and 10+. Let's find out how you can reach to the above features.

1. Side key for the power button, camera, and Bixby Configuration

Note 10 and 10+ don't have dedicated Bixby button like the previous flagship models. Which makes power button position a little bit lower and this is a good thing. Now you can easily reach the power button even when you are holding the phone with one hand only.

To use Bixby button you need some extra configuration multiple functions.

How to setup Bixby Button?

Go to the "Settings» Advanced features» side key. The default setting launches the camera app on double press on the side button.

However, Samsung Galaxy Note has a multiple function configuration feature which allows you to configure double-tap launch action to launch Bixby or any other app.

It has multiple options to choose, 1 Sake Bixby, or 2 Launch the power off the menu. They separately added press and hold behavior settings which you can configure as per your need.

2  Display Filter: Blue light filter and Night mode

Samsung devices come with two screen filters which help to reduce eye strain.

You can look for these options in the "Display" settings. There two modes available 1. Blue light filter, 2. Night mode.

Visit the Settings » Display section to adjust the display look as per your need.

3 Choose gestures or standard navigation buttons

Android Central confirmed that Samsung's gesture navigation system best gesture system.

It gives the best experience to the users and enabling the gesture action removes the static navigation bar from the bottom of the screen.  I found it similarly like Apple's iPhone XR gesture option.

How to enable Gesture?

Go to the "Display" and then "Navigation bar" you'll find all of the options there.

4 Turn off features you don't like

Turning off features you don't like, enhances the phone speed and performance. I know Galaxy 10 & 10+ already have the best configuration, but to decrease annoying feature load, you can turn off them, and you can always turn it on again later if you change your mind.

How to turn off of the features?

Some features you can turn off by using the search option in the settings. Otherwise, open the app or feature areas look for settings gear icons; there will probably be an option to turn it off, or ON features, you don't want entirely.

5 Tweak the S Pen features

Galaxy Note 10 S pen is the new advanced stylus pen. It has a bunch of features in it. Below are a few points to give you a great head start by getting acquainted with its settings and features.

Four essential things you should know about the S pen.

  • Air actions
  • Air command
  • Pen proximity alert
  • Sound and vibration

1 Air actions let you control your Galaxy Note 10 from a distance. It has the double or single tap and most crucial gesture controls configuration options. By holding the button, you can control some part of your phone with a gesture.

2 Air Command is the settings menu that opens up when you remove the S Pen from the phone. This menu section let you configure the S pen.

3 Pen proximity alert will give you an alert on your phone when you walk away with your phone from S pen.

4 Sound and vibration option is just a standard settings features which let you adjust the sound and vibration.

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