Top 5 iOS 13 Features! from Apple WWDC 2019

Top 5 iOS 13 Features! from Apple WWDC 2019

In this blog, check out the sneaky new features hands-on of Apple iOS 13. Including new DARK MODE.

So, let's start this. Welcome to my new blog post. This blog is all about the world's most densely packed keynote WWDC 2019. So one of the many things they showed off on stage during that two-hours-plus event was the next version of the iOS, iOS 13. So I sat in front of my laptop to go through that two and a half hour keynote. So not you don't have to.

Moreover, I installed the super buggy iOS 13 betas on my iPhone, so you don't have to either, so there are the best of those new features coming to iOS for your future iPhone or for maybe your current iPhone.

Top 5 iOS 13 Features :

#5 Speed Optimizations -

This is pretty minor thing it seems, they opened with it for a hot minute and if you blick you might have missed it but they made some pretty bold claims about iOS 13 speed versus the already really fast I was 12 they want along the lines of 30% speedier face id unlocking and 50% smaller packages for app downloads and 60% smaller for app updates so there should be much faster downloads and installing the apps especially the bigger ones and two times faster launch speeds. Wow, now again I have tested the beta so these things are still being worked on and I don't know if it's a placebo, but the one thing I do feel like I notice is the faster face ID unlock especially when putting in side by side against iOS 12.

#5 Speed Optimizations -

The two times faster app launching speeds that are tough to see because the beta is so buggy right now and things are continually crashing and lagging all the time so one can't verify that, but I'm looking forward to that. Overall iOS 12 already faster than previous versions, especially on older devices such as iPhone 6 and below. So I was expecting and welcome another speed update.

#4 Shared Audio -

This is another fantastic feature I found in iOS 13. This is like headphone splitter, but for Airpod so they showed it on stage. (Stage photo and Airpod buy link form amazon)

They have shown this feature on stage as two people holding iPhones near to each other than enabling this new feature Audio sharing to let them hear the same thing from one source. So then that gets your mind going about different ways that this could be useful. It can be fun for two people next to each other on a plane or a bus while travelling can enjoy the same movie together but with both wireless headphones. So it seems like a pretty cool feature, that you can share your music with multiple wireless headphones(only Airpods now).

#3 New Keyboard -

iOS 13 has new swipe typing keyboard, Android phone already have these feature, or you can install some third-party keyboard apps for this, but now Apple added this feature in their native keyboard app. With this new keyboard, you can type messages by swiping on your keyboard. I loved it for typing longer sentences on bigger touch screens not sure if this is also coming to iPad OS, but for now, it's available for iPhone only.

#2 Photos -

Apple showed a pretty good demo of the new photos app in WWDC 2019.

Basically, in new photos, app UI is organized a bit differently, and it gets a bunch of new features that I loved. So at the bottom, you will have a couple of different photo modes. These photo modes will help you to filter photos by Days, month, Years and there you will get a new UI of photos app. It will show you your pictures, moments and videos as per the filter you have given. New things which I found is you will also see the best picture of the month, years and the day.

New photos app also have new editing options. New editing control is pretty sweet; it's much more extensive and smartly laid out. You can also make an auto adjustment if you want and the big part is you can use all the photo edit option for video as well. Which includes Contras, Sharpness, Crop etc...

Let' move to number 1.

#1 Dark Mode -

This is the most anticipated feature of iOS 13. Almost every Apple user have been wishing and asking for this feature. With iOS 13, you can enable it from the control, and it turns all your stock apps, menus, notifications, widgets and everything dark. You will notice the dark background, light text. Dark mode will turn all apps UI in a dark way like YouTube, Twitter and Settings App as well. You can turn it off from the control center like you have turned it on.

With this iOS 13 also have some cool new wallpapers which are dark mode compatible, so those wallpapers will automatically switch to the dark mode while we toggle the dark mode.

So these are the top 5 features of iOS 13, which I found from Apple WWDC 2019. Else, I do have some for features details which Apple introduced with iOS 13, but these are some small tweaks, so I am just sharing it here at the end of the post with you.

1 Wifi Selection in Control Center: Now you can select, change or choose your wifi from the control center. Long press on the wifi icon to see the list of available wifi networks around you. Same you can do for Bluetooth as well. This is something beneficial for Apple users as Android users already using this feature from last year.

2 Emoji Improvement - Emoiji's more precise, and now you can put Airpod in your emoji with iOS 13.

Video Source: Apple

3 Login with Apple - This feature designed to replace other social logins but with much more security instead. It's an awe-inspiring dedication to shielding your personal information from the companies that keep asking for your login. So, they will generate a dedicated login email address randomly every time you log in so they can't swipe yours.

4 New Volume Box - iOS 13 comes with a fix of the volume box. In iOS 13 volume box opens right next to the volume rocker in subtle and small clean and much better design.

So that all the best new features are coming with iOS 13 for all Apple users. Hope you liked this post if you did please like and share it with your networks. That will help me to share some more such information and updates with more visitors.

Thank You.

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