Google pixel 4 leaks: specs, features, renders reveal confirmed by Google

Google pixel 4 leaks: specs, features, renders reveal & images


Google released its upcoming model Pixel 4 design on their official Twitter account, they showcased the new camera module with backplate in the image. So it's leaked image and they intentionally released it. Below is the Pixel 4 image, which they have published on Twitter.

Google tweeted:

"Well, since there seems to be some interest, here you go! Wait 'til you see what it can do — # Pixel4," the tweet from the company's verified @MadeByGoogle account read.

Other Pixel 4 details are leaked on Smartphone blog Pricebaba. Read everything in detail below. They have made some significant changes in the back of the Google Pixel 4 phone. The most eye-catching and noticeable thing is the square black camera module with paid of lenses, flash and sensor modules. Makers also removed fingerprint scanner from the back so Pixel 4 might have in display fingerprint scanner like Oppo and VIVO. They didn't post front side of the device, so display style and size is still a mystery but as per the Pricebaba post below are few more details about Pixel 4.

Google Pixel 4 Specs : (Google Pixel 4 rumored specifications)

Below are the leaked benchmarks have suggested for pixel 4 from phonebaba

  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC
  • RAM: 6GB of RAM
  • OS Support: Android Q software

  • Camera: Dual Camera in Back - No in detail specs
  • No fingerprint sensor in back
  • 3D face unlock the module
  • USB Type C Charging port
  • Two speaker grills at the bottom
  • No 3.5MM headphone jack

Below are some more Google Pixel 4 renders :

pixel 4 xl concept ben geskin

Google pixel 4 leaks: specs, features, renders reveal & images

As per the above photos, we identified that Pixel 4 would have above listed physical specs, and the front display will come with the notch display. We can also see the physical buttons for volume up-down and power on the right side. Above phone don't have any 3.5 headphone jack so Pixel 4 will support USB type c earphones.

So this is it for Pixel 4. We believe it's worth noting that Google has been pretty late to the two-camera rear-module setup, let's wait for the final product and will see what Google's new Pixel device can do.

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