Gboard v8.1 : Get new search history delete option, New shortcuts menu

Gboard v8.1 : Get new search history delete option, New shortcuts menu

Gboard got a new update with a new look and ability to delete old search history. As per the sources, Google pushed new Gboard v8.1 update with all these changes and updates.

As per the 9to5Google's blog APK research (APK Insight), There are multiple changes they found in the latest beta update. You can read all of them below.

Gboard v8.1 Change-log/Features :

Improvement in Clipboard

Google introduced Clipboard in last August, but it's not available for all the users. I found the clipboard icon in the suggestions strip, but the feature remained blank.

some live, users are greeted to a Tips section which explains how the Clipboard feature works and this is how it works.

Tapping on a clip will automatically paste it into your current text field. Pressing and holding expands the clip to copy, pin (which creates a new section underneath Recent), or delete. The latter is also possible by swiping away and can be done in bulk with the edit icon. You can also manually create clips, as well as quickly turn off the feature

New Overflow menu

I found that Google merged all the tools in the new overflow menu. With latest Gboard update you need to visit the overflow menu where you will get all the tools like Google Translate, a Text Editing keyboard, and soon a Clipboard.

In the new app design, I found these items in two rows.

Note: A server-side update can enable new look, and still Clipboard might not be visible for all users.

New Search history removing the feature

Google has added the quick search history removing ability; this feature will help you to remove recent in-app searches by holding down on a query until a confirmation prompt appears. This feature will also save the app cache space in your phone


As per the 9To5Google, there are two new debug options under the advanced menu in settings“Candidate runtime debug” toggle to “Check this candidate.” As it's not a user-facing feature, so it will likely to be removed.

How to get this update or How to Download APK of this update:

Go through the below link to download the APK File of this update. 

Gboard v8.1 APK

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