Android Q v10 : Beta 2 released by Google, Compatible Devices List & Things to Know About Android 10 Q beta 2

Android Q v10 : Beta 2 released by Google, Compatible Devices List & Things to Know About Android 10 Q beta 2

Google pushed new update of its Android OS Android v10 (Android Q ) Beta 2 update. A few weeks ago Google introduced Android Q Beta with lots of new features and changes.

Android v10 Q comes with new capabilities for app developers - like foldable device compatibility enhancement, new connectivity APIs, new camera capabilities, new media codecs, NNAPI extensions, Vulkan 1.1 graphics, and many more.

Today, (4th April 2019) Google released second beta version of Android v10 Q and also updated SDK for developers.

Android Q v10 Beta 2 Change-log: 

  • Latest bug fixes
  • Optimizations
  • New API updates for Android Q
  • April 2019 security patches. and I also notice isolated storage becomes more prominent.

Let's dive into in-depth details about Android v10 Q beta 2 version features:

What's new in Android 10 Q - Beta 2? I am only sharing updates of Android Q beta 2 here, Android Q beta 1 features I already introduced in my previous blog Android Q Beta update.

Privacy features for testing and feedback: Android Q beta 2 comes with Scoped Storage enabled for new app installs, so you can more easily see what is affected.

Bubbles: a new way to multitask: Google added bubbles support in Android Q. This platform will help users to multitask and re-engage with apps.  Know more about bubbles here. Google disabled some option for bubbles in beta 2 update.

Below is the quick details about Android 2 beta update for bubbles:

Google - "We've built bubbles on top of Android's notification system to provide a familiar and easy to use API for developers. To send a bubble through a notification you need to add a BubbleMetadata by calling setBubbleMetadata. Within the metadata you can provide the Activity to display as content within the bubble, along with an icon (disabled in beta 2) and associated person."

Foldables emulator: Android Q beta 2 will let you build apps for foldable devices with it's Android Q enhanced platform support Google combined it with a new foldable device emulator, available as an Android Virtual device in Android Studio 3.5 available in the canary release channel.

Improved sharesheet: With Android Q beta 2 you can now offer a preview of the content being shared by providing an EXTRA_TITLE extra in the Intent for the title, or by setting the Intent's ClipData for a thumbnail image. See the updated sample here.

Directional, zoomable microphones: Android Q beta 2 comes with more control over audio capture using new MicrophoneDirection API. This API will help you to specify a preferred direction of the microphone when taking an audio recording. Know more about Microphone direction API here.

Compatibility through public APIs: Google introduced the new restrictions in Beta 1, and with beta 2 update Google made few minor updates to those lists to minimize impact on the apps.

How do I get Android v10 Q Beta 2?

You can download and install Android Q Beta 2 today by enrolling any Pixel device here.

Android Q Beta 2 Compatible devices list:

You will require any Pixel device (and this year we're supporting all three generations of Pixel -- Pixel 3, Pixel 2, and even the original Pixel!) to get Android Q beta 2 update.

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