10 facts you must know about Samsung Galaxy Fold

10 Things you must know about Samsung Galaxy Fold

No, I haven't done Samsung Galaxy fold hands-on but, I found 10 must-know facts about Samsung Galaxy Fold.

As per the GSMArena team's Samsung Galaxy Fold hands on Samsung's next-gen fold device also have some pros and cons.

They found some major issues and some must known facts in just 10 days of use of this phone. Let's quickly look at the facts they found about Samsung Galaxy Fold.

  • Some apps that are landscape-only
  • Bad experience with the camera in Small Screen
  • External Screen Off when you unfold the phone
  • flex in Front and back
  • jello effect While Scroll
  • Powerful magnet 
  • Hard to open with one hand
  • Auto Speaker mode
  • Noticeable Screen fold
  • Reverse Wireless Charging

Fact 1: Samsung Galaxy Fold has a specific orientation, In landscape-mode, you can't rotate the screen as per your convenience. It won't rotate the other way around if you turn the phone.

10 Things you must know about Samsung Galaxy Fold

Fact 2: Capturing photo or video in a small screen doesn't have good visual quality, but with the unfold screen is a really good experience. With a bigger a screen you can easily validate the photo quality.

10 Things you must know about Samsung Galaxy Fold

Fact 3: When you unfold the phone, the small external screen will be deactivated and you can't use it in any circumstance. Which is actually very useful feature, because when you unfold the phone external screen will face at the back side where you might touch unintentionally while holding phone if the screen is on.

Fact 4: GSMarena research team found slide flex in the screen in the folded position, but it disappears when you unfold the phone.

10 Things you must know about Samsung Galaxy Fold

Fact 5: Noticeable jello effect found by the researcher while scrolling on the screen in portrait mode (Un-folded position).

Fact 6: Samsung Galaxy Fold has a strong magnet which holds the Galaxy Fold. This powerful magnet easily attracts metal objects. So you need to take care when you keep your phone in a bag or big pockets it may attract unwanted metal objects which might scratch your screen.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Magnet power: (Source GSMARENA)

Fact 7:
As it has a powerful magnet which holds the phone in folded position so I found it's very hard to open the fold using one hand.

Fact 8: You can say it's a drawback or a useful feature, if you're on a call and you unfold the phone, the phone will automatically activate the speaker mode.

10 Things you must know about Samsung Galaxy Fold

Fact 9: Samsung Galaxy Fold's big screen has a noticeable crease. It doesn’t get in the way if you are looking at the screen head-on. However, your finger will still feel it when you swipe left or right so you would never forget it's there.

Fact 10: Biggest advantage, just like the Galaxy S10 series, the Galaxy Fold also has regular and reverse wireless both charging option.

10 Things you must know about Samsung Galaxy Fold

So this is it, I tried re-sharing the 10 facts about first ever foldable phone by Samsung. I will keep sharing the related news and updated here on my website. Do comment below for any suggestion of queries and share it if you liked it.

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