Download Google BOLO App : Google Bolo APK to Download for All Android Devices/Phones

Download Google BOLO App : Google Bolo APK to Download for All Android Devices/Phones

Download Google Bolo App and Official Google Bolo APK here

Google has released a new educational app Bolo - Learn to read with Google in India. This app is now not available on the Play Store, but we have the authorised APK file of Google Bolo to download and install in any Android device/phone.

Yes, Here we are going to share Google Bolo APK file which you can download and install in any Android phone without any bug or error. We only share authorised details to ensure that our visitors get proper information and ideas about the topic we cover. So Google Bolo APK file which we are sharing here is from APKmirror which we already have downloaded and installed in Mi 5 Which is working on MIUI v10.6.2, so you can trust and download it.

What is Google Bolo App? Also, How Google Bolo App Works?

Before you download and install Google Bolo Let me brief you with the features and idea of Google of creating Google Bolo Learning app.

Google Bolo Learning App Purpose:

Google created this new educational app Bolo to improve children’s literacy, especially in India. This app is designed for the Indian market. Their tech experts said this new language-learning app aimed to enhance education awareness in the poor Indian families. This app will help elementary school-aged students, using technology like Google’s speech recognition and text-to-speech to learn and to read in both Hindi and English.

We found that Bolo comes with 50 pre-installed stories in Hindi and 40 pre-installed stories in the English language. ( Google will include more partners in this segment to increase the story selection and to add more futuristic features in the Bolo App.

Current Google Bolo Partners :

Download Google BOLO App : Google Bolo APK to Download for All Android Devices/Phones

How Google Bolo App Works?

Using Google's speech recognition and text to speech technology creators added a reading mate, called “Diya,” who encourages and help your children to learn the language by correcting them parallelly while they are reading. Must know to use this feature you must read loudly to and clearly to get proper results. For the security purpose, Google notes that all personal information remains on-device to protect kids’ privacy. This Advanced bot "Diya" can also read the text to the child and explain the meaning of English words.

For the entertainment purpose and to keep your child engaged with the app they also added some words games which user can access by completing some basic learning tasks. So after some progress in the app your kid can also play learning games in the app.

Is this app Required Internet?

No, This app works offline as majority parts of India doesn't have Good Internet Quality. After Jio Network we can call India as a Digital India, but still, there are lots other locations are there where you can't get Good quality Internet connectivity.

This app has its self-learning software which helps Diya to adjust itself for reading levels as per requirement.

How this app help your children?

Google tried a demo version of Bolo app across 200 villages in Uttar Pradesh, India. They have given the full app access to 920 children for Three Months. After the testing phrase, They found that 64 percent of children who used the app showed an improvement in reading proficiency. So in that way, this app can be more useful for your children to take the first step of learning(Word Learning, reading) more easily.

"In addition to improving their proficiency, more students in the group with the app (39 percent) reached the highest level of ASER’s reading assessment than those without it (28 percent), and parents also reported improvements in their children’s reading abilities."

Why Google Launched this app in India?

As per the ASER now reports ( a few years back in India they found more than half of students in fifth grade in rural state schools could not read second-grade textbooks in 2014, In 2018, that figure didn't change much — still, only about half can learn at a second-grade level. So, as per my view, just this app will help the country to increase the education level.

Google Bolo -Learning App Demo:

Bolo is available now in the unpublished mode in the Google Play Store in India, But here we have the official APK file which they used for UP students. It supports Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) and higher devices. Just click on the below link to download it right now.

Google Smart Work Learning Education App APK is here to Download Just Click Google Bolo v0.5 APK. [no-sidebar]

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