Download Android System Webview APK v72.0.36 to Get Bug Fixes and Speed Improvement

Download Android System Webview APK v72.0.36 to Get Bug Fixes and Speed Improvement

Android System Web view has got a new update with some significant changes. Yes, This update is essential for your Android phone.

First, know what the Android System Webview is?

Android System WebView app allows Android applications to display web content in the app. It's a native system app which comes pre-installed in every Android device. So whether you are using Android phone or tablet or a TV Android System WebView App is necessary to access web content through the app. So can't find this app in the settings menu or the Play Store, so to ensure you have the latest security updates and other bug fixes click in the link below and download the APK file and install it to know that your phone has the newest version or not. If it has updated automatically, then it will display you the message that your Android System Web View app is up-to-date.

Android System Web View Update v72.0.36 Change-log/New Features

  • Bug Fixes
  • Security Patches
  • Speed Enhancement
  • Latest Android Version Compatibility enhancements.

We always depend and re-share the authorise information here to ensure that our users get the best and real data from our website. Above change-log, we have re-shared from the research of APKmirror & Android Police. Our Android Mobile expert also tried this update on Mi 5 which is running on MIUI 10.6.8 to cross-check the above-listed features.

Why Should you Download Android System Webview Update?

This action will help your phone to work smooth and faster while using app web view option and as I said before this is native Android system app which comes pre-installed with Android OS so you must keep it updated to keep your Android phone safe from the virus and bugs.

Go through the below link to Download the APK File.

Here is the quick link to directaly download the APK file of latest Android System WebView APK v72.0.36 Update

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