Google Maps is finally getting that crazy AR walking navigation, testing with Local Guides

Google map is on the move to an innovative navigation system back in May 2018. The system uses the phone's camera to offer augmented reality GPS guidance. Looks like that feature is starting to slowly roll out to limited users for now. As per the interview with the Wall Street Journal, they said only Local Guide users will be seeing it first.

These days are almost over when we walked for miles in the wrong direction before realizing our phone's compass went berzerk and led us the wrong track as Google's AR-based guidance is steadily making its way into our lives. Yet the testing is going on so it is limited to local guides only.

The upcoming Google Map App version will let you access a specific AR mode through a dedicated button or by just raising your phone. Initially, it will prompt to move your handset around so it can identify nearby landmarks to compare with GPS location and compass data.

The search giant app will then show the camera's data on your screen and overlay indicators pointing towards the destination.

To have a bird's eye view of where you're headed, the traditional map will be shown at the bottom of your screen. This augmented reality approach should help users find their way around in an easier way. Even when fully implemented, you won’t be able to rely solely on this, because there will be a time limit for using the feature, both for safety and battery life reasons.

David Pierce from the Wall Street Journal was among the lucky ones to give it the first try and also shared the words,
“Although this feature seems to be exclusive to pedestrian directions, for now, I would love to use it while driving. I've actually grown so accustomed to Mercedes-Benz's new AR-based MBUX (which you can see below) that I can't imagine going back to a traditional navigation system. I believe Google will work on additional safety features before it lets you use this one your mobile, as it probably doesn't want you holding your phone up while you drive!

Looking forward to seeing this roll out to the masses, and we'll let you know as soon as you can take it for a spin.

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