Latest Google Assistant Features From CES 2019

Latest Google Assistant Features From CES 2019

Google announced plenty of innovative features for Google Assistant at CES (Consumers Electronics show) 2019. The upcoming latest features help to perform tasks like check-in for a flight, assistance in hotel booking, and many such features to make Google Assistant more powerful. The update in Google Assistant will now soon become the interpreter for many languages.

Let’s have a look at all the new features announced by Google at CES 2019

Access to Lock-screen

Google Assistant is getting smarter! Now you can function your phone without getting unlocked. It means Google Assistant allows you to ask for nearby restaurants, enable or disable alarms setup and schedule reminders without opening your phone lock. Also, It can answer your personal doubts like calendar updates or traffic updates to work. it will be available in the upcoming weeks for all Android devices.

Google Maps

Now, Google Maps to accompanied by Google Assistant that will help to navigate in Google Maps. Furthermore, Google Map will enable to share your ETA with your dear ones, play music will navigating, reply to your text messages, and, hunt for places along your way, add a new stop and auto-punctuate your message with the help of Google Assistance. This features are not limited to android but also available for iOS.


For commuters, it not only about reaching the destination, but it’s also about to reach on time. Google Assistant will promptly help you for checks-in to your flight, save and retrieve your boarding pass- just say, “Hey Google, check in to my flight”. Moreover, it will also assist for hotel booking in an association with InterContinental Hotels Group, Expedia, Choice Hotels, Travelclick, AccorHotels, Mirai, and Priceline.

Not only that, but Google also pledges for updates in Bring!, Google Keep, Todoist and


Google takes Interpreter Mode at another level that helps to translate 27 different languages. (Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Hindi, English, French, Spanish, German, Greek, Swedish, Hungarian, Italian, Indonesian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Thai etc.) For instance, say “Hey Google, be my French interpreter” to begin Interpreter Mode and get a real-time translation will chatting to better the conversation. Everybody wants to improve the real-time translation of their own assistant.

Are you a frequent Google Assistant user? For more Google Assistance updates catch us in next article.

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