Daily Soap Actor, Mohit Raina opens up about a rumored relationship

Mouni and Mohit appeared together on the show Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev
The on-screen couple, Mohit Raina and Mouni Roy had started working together in one of the daily soap, Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev' (2011-2014). The rumors stating that the good looking couple are in a relationship, and have plans to tie the knot.

In a recent interview, when asked for his relationship rumor with Mouni, Mohit said,
"I said that I hope to get married by the end of this year, I never mentioned Mouni. She is a great co-star and she is doing some fabulous work. I wish her all the best. Actually, I was never in a relationship with Mouni. My marriage will happen when Almighty sends a message.”
And added, “I have always maintained that my personal and professional life is completely apart. As for Mouni, it is only the assumptions of people that we are dating. I have a lot of friends but not all are from the industry and you can say that the only close celeb friend I have is her. So whenever we are spotted together or we post pictures of each other, everyone assumes that there’s something more but aisa kuch bhi nahi hai (there’s nothing between us). Mouni was a co-star who became a very close friend and continues to be so.”

For making the statement more clear he said, “We genuinely have a very strong friendship and utmost respect for each other. We are similar people with similar stories. Mouni and I, both are from non-filmy families and come from really small towns. She has her father’s blessing on her, who is no more and so is the case with me. We also have been working hard and achieving on our own. There’s a lot of factors that have brought us in a different place where we have immense mutual respect towards each other. As for me, I really have a lot of pride for what she is doing in her career and winning laurels for herself. Also, who wouldn’t want his name linked to a film actress, it always works in favour (laughs).”

While Mouni has reported that she is strongly protective of her personal as well as professional life and does not wish to give clarification for her past, present or future relationship. The co-star, Mohit too has shared the same opinion and said for now, he wants to focus only on his professional life.

Asking about her dream life partner, he shares,
"This is not a script that I can tell you what I am looking for. It just clicks when you meet the right person. I don’t make any plans, as life never happens according to plans,"

Both of them stayed silent about their relationship but they were in flash many times in private parties, watching movies together, promoting and wishing each other good fortune for their forthcoming projects and even spotted spending holidays together. This dropped enough clues about their dating together.

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