Top Android Apps to make your Christmas Holidays More Interesting : End of Year Apps Dec, 2018

Top Android Apps to make your Christmas Holidays More Interesting : End of Year Apps Dec, 2018

Check out the top Android apps which will help to make your Christmas holiday more interesting. All these apps have been selected for their best features and performance. We have included Camera app, Image Editing App, Sticker Making app, Quote creation app, Social Media Sharing app, motivational quote app.

So it's a complete bunch of Android apps to make your Christmas holidays more memorable and interesting.

Let's don't waste the time and dive into the list.


Here above is the list of the apps we have mentioned in this post. If you don't have any idea about any of the above-listed app, then check the brief introduction below.

1 Cut Cut:

Cut Cut is the photo editing app which will help you to highlight any particular color in the image and will help to make your image looks more interesting.

Other than that, this app can also replace photo backgrounds and can also cut the replace any subject with its cut option.

Download Cut Cut From Here

2 Swifttask:

SwiftTask app can help you to manage your to-dos and reminders list. So if you are traveling to some interesting place and want to manage your to-do list and reminders quickly, Swifttask is the right app for you.

It removes the hassle of tapping and selecting menus & submenus. Instead, it has a series of keyboard shortcuts. For example, @ stands for Time, # id for Category, and * stands for Date.

So, for instance, you need to be reminded about your work assignments by 3 PM, it would be like "Submit assignments #work @15.00". That's it app will fill the rest of the part automatically.

3 Sticker Maker:

This amazing app will help you to create your own stickers which you can use in WhatsApp or Facebook. You can even take your own photo and convert it into the WhatsApp sticker.

4 Over:

It's a graphic designing app which can let you create the best creatives to make your social profile more interesting in this age of Social Media.

Basically, I can say that's it's the best alternative for Canva. It has best backgrounds, fonts and a huge collection of templates which you can you to make your Social Media phone for more unique.


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