Instagram Got new Voice Messages (walkie-talkie) Feature: Know How to Get it?

Instagram Got Direct Adds Support for Voice Messages : Know How to Get it?

Instagram message section got new Voice Message feature. It's added for some users now in the Instagram Direct Section.

What is Instagram Direct?

Instagram Direct is the place where we chat with each-other individually or in the group. This message section now got voice message supports. Read the full update and how these new features work and which mobile device users will get this feature.

Voice Message is a bit old nowadays and Developers added this feature bit late into the app but, this new feature is like walkie-talkie system. It works same like Facebook Messager's voice message feature.

How to Get Voice Message Feature in your Instagram?

You just need to keep your Instagram app updated with the latest version, you can check the latest update right from this link.

Almost All Android & iOS devices support this feature. Once you update your app with the latest version you will see a new microphone icon in your group or in chats in Direct.

How to Use Instagram Voice Message Feature?

Instagram Got Direct Adds Support for Voice Messages : Know How to Get it?

Just Long press on the Microphone icon to record voice messages (an Only minute in length Message you can record). The instant you stop holding the mic icon the voice message will be sent. If you want to discard it instead, just move your finger to the trash icon that shows up while you're recording.

This new feature will allow you to send a voice message of 1 minute to your insta friends or into the group chat with one tap.

That's it... Thank you for reading this post. Please do share it with your friends and family to let them get this feature in their Instagram.

News Source: GSMARENA

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