AOSP Project Includes Fuchsia SDK & Fuchsia Device

AOSP Project Includes Fuchsia SDK & Fuchsia Device

Google's second mobile Operating system Fuchsia included in the Android Open Source Project. We all know that Fuchsia is Google’s future OS which is now connected with Android’s AOSP code.

In the latest Android's Gerrit Source code management, we found two Fuchsia related repos into the primary Manifest for AOSP.

As per the 9to5Google's Research :

"There are a few different versions of this manifest available, including one that downloads only what you need to build and work on the Android Emulator. The version of the manifest that was altered is the “default” manifest, used in a typical AOSP download. This means that everyone who downloads AOSP, going forward, will download these two Fuchsia related repos."

The first, “platform/prebuilts/fuchsia_sdk“, clearly indicates the official software development kit (or SDK) used by Google for developing Fuchsia software.

So stay tuned for more update...

Read the AOSP compatible Fuchsia SDK Device details here

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