50 Proven ideas to Make Online Money with Social Media Platforms

50 Proven ideas to Make Online Money with Social Media Platforms

 Here we are with the 50 authenticate ways to Make Money online by using Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc..

Social Media is now our hobby these day, we used to check our Facebook Status in every 5 minutes. What if you could turn your hobby into a full-time career? and What if you earn money from your favorite social media platform?

Yes, Here we are with the top 100 proven ways to easily make online money from social media.

So convert your waste time into productive hours and start making money online.

50 Proven ideas to Make Online Money with Social Media Platforms

Below I have shared 100 proven ways to make money using social media.
  1. Social Media accounts management : Be Social Media Influencer and Manage social media accounts for companies and individuals. Read the ultimate guide to become a social media manager here.
  2. Social Media Copywriter: If you can write well then start freelancing as a social media copywriter.
  3. Social Media Editor: Social Media Editor is similar to copywriting, there is huge demand for copy editors who have a keen eye for good writing.
  4. MadAdsMedia & Adsense Monetization : Monetize your Tumblr site using MadAdsMedia. Learn more about adsense Below. 
  5. Start Creative writing: Fantasy author Neil Gaiman asked his massive Twitter following to submit questions and turned some of its answers into short stories and list it for sale.
  6. Flickr Image Selling: Be a pet of Getty images licensing program and start making money by selling your personalized photos on Flickr.
  7. Online Marketing or Advertiser: Help individual marketers and companies to advertise on social media as a freelance advertiser.
  8. Private Coaching on Social media or Remote Coaching: Start Remote coaching on social media platform and Make money for your tips and Coaching. You can use Skype Video Calling of any other better social media platfrom for this.
  9. Be Influencer: Follow Top SMO Influencer and Learn how they make money from their Social Media Accounts and Start doing that.
  10. Generate Social Media Traffic: Generate traffic to your website using social media platfroms. Use stumbleupon and make money per visit by monetizing your site.
  11. Sell Your Instagram photos: Sign Up on Foap.com to sell your Instagram photos.
  12. Social Media App & Sell virtual currency: Create your own app on social media and sell virtual currencies. Use Superrewards.com for that.
  13. Find Social Media Marketer Job : Findout the top companies who provide SMO services and start working with them.
  14. Try Social Media internship: Sharpen your skills with internship from your favorite social media companies.
  15. Paid Posts on Instagram: Make strong followers profiles on instagram and pay for every single post on your Instagram account.
  16. Sell products: Make Good Followers on your Social Media Page and sell products online.
  17. Affiliate marketing: One of the best way to make online money. Join Amazon or any other affiliate marketing program.
  18. Promote services: Create high end brand exposure and promote your services on social media to grow your business.
  19. Boost your visibility as an artist: Boost the visibility on your skills by sharing videos of your art on your Social media profiles.
  20. Get paid to speak: Become a social media expert and make money from local or national speaking events by sharing knowledge.
  21. Monetize links: Monetize links that you usually share on social media using linkshrink.net. For 1000 view you will earn $0.34 to $5.44.
  22. Bulk sharing: Create a social media sharing agency and provide a package for bulk sharing on various social channels.
  23. Social Media Tutor: Become a tutor in your locality and teach social media lessons to students.
  24. Sponsored tweets: Get your twitter account verified and charge money for tweet for local business.
  25. Design headers: If you’re a graphics designer, offer cover photo, profile and ad designs for social media accounts. You can take ideas from canva.com
  26. Setup a page: Be Social Media Page Master and help local companies and individuals updating their social profiles.
  27. Report bugs in Facebook: It's Most proven way to make money and fame. Facebook offers minimum $500 bounty for reporting bugs.
  28. Report bugs in Twitter: Get paid to report bugs in Twitter.
  29. Get hired: Increase your LinkedIn skills and Get a job by networking on LinkedIn.
  30. Giveaways: Easy and safest wayParticipate in various giveaways on social media sites to win cash prizes.
  31. Sell your app: Create a trending social media app and sell it on Flippa.com to make money from it.
  32. In-app purchases: Create a Facebook game or an app and offer in-app purchases.
  33. Suggest similar apps: It's like referral program Make money by suggesting similar applications to your Facebook app users. 
  34. Recommended reading: Make millions with Facebook applications.
  35. Premium apps: Offer a limited period free trial and sell them Facebook apps.
  36. Third Party Banner ad: Monetize your Facebook apps by displaying banner ads on it. Try Adsense, infolinks, chitika.
  37. Develop apps: Create Facebook apps for brands.
  38. Sell videos: Create Big No of Followers on your SMO Profiles and use them to share third party video to make money.
  39. Adsense YouTube ads: Monetize your YouTube video with ads to make money
  40. YouTube personality: Become YouTube Expert and accept sponsorship for your videos.
  41. YouTube Red: YouTube recently introduced YouTube Red, which is a subscription service that charges a user $9.99 per month to get rid of YouTube ads. Here’s how to make money from YouTube Red.
  42. Crowdsource: Promote your campaign your on YouTube Channel by creative attractive and high quality videos.
  43. Video Metadata: Become Digital Marketing expert offer services related to YouTube Meta Data.
  44. Pet star: Make your beloved pet a star and making money from Fame.
  45. Create an iPhone game: Gather massive following base on YouTube then promote your iPhone game there. This is most effective money making strategies.
  46. Find sponsors for your Blog : Find-out Sponsors or potential advertisers from LinkedIn.
  47. Create a Twitter app: You have to be a developer for this, you can create a Twitter app and make money out of it. Resources: Twitter apps page. Learn how to register a Twitter app.
  48. Twitter contest: Connect with a local business who wants some publicity. Create contest on Twitter for them and get paid a percentage of the sales they make.
  49. Seed funding: Create a groundbreaking social media app and get seed funding for it.
  50. Join Facebook’s app monetization program: You can join the program here.
  51. Educational Videos: Share your informative videos on Lynda.com to start marking money from it.
  52. Create a gig on Fiverr.com: Make gig on Fiverr for ‘social media design’ and ‘social media marketing’ and make money out of it.
These are the 50 proven ideas to make money from online world. If it helped your then must share it with your friends. Share your views for this in the below comment section.

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