Google Confirmed Android P Theme : Full Details & Announcement

Google Confirmed Android P Theme : Full Details & Announcement Google has confirmed the Android P design details on the First day of MWC 2018 event. They said that "A future Android release will have the requested Dark Mode feature." In this post read about the Android P features and design details.

Android P Top Features :
  • Battery saving aspect and of course the viewing convenience.
  • Next Gen Android Version and AI based new camera features
  • Google also confirmed High end Google Assistant feature in the upcoming Android version
  • Notch Display Support
  • Material Design 2: It is expected that Google could release the next version or upgrade of material design to completely revamp its look and feel.
  • Multiple Screens and Foldable Displays: Several different manufacturers have been experimenting with changes.
  • Features such as native call recording support
  • Enhancements on battery life and performance

Android P Design Details :

Google said that : Android P won't have the Hot Dog mode and will comes with Yellow and red UI elements.

Google Said : If it’s any consolation, we will also not be adding Hot Dog Mode (where all UI elements are yellow and red). – Google representative on issue tracker.
Enhanced Night Mode feature also added in the Android version. Google announced free access to the developers for night mode feature. Read below what Google said for the same.
What we *have* added in a future Android release is a developer-facing setting (via Developer Options) to toggle the -night UI mode qualifier, which will make it easier for developers to create and test apps that implement night mode. This qualifier has been in the platform since Froyo (SDK 8) and globally modifiable via UiModeManager since Marshmallow (SDK 23); however, there was never an explicit toggle made available anywhere in Settings.
As we all know that Android don't have the same feature yet like Twitter.
Google also designed the OS for quick settings access.

Above step will help third party apps to compatible with dark mode.

It seem very disappointed but we still don't have all the info about the Android P design and features. Let's wait for the more news to come about Android P.

Share your views about the Next Gen Android p features and design updates.

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